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  • Yogasutra

    Choone Do Aasman 2011

    A glimpse into the lives of children living in some of the most conflict ridden areas of the country. The series tells their story in two ways – through us, the outsider and through images the children shoot with cameras given to them. Underlining the entire campaign is the idea that every child is born with an inherent talent which needs to be nurtured well.

  • Yogasutra

    NDTV Greenies Anthem 2010

    NDTV-Toyota announces Greenies 2010: The awards recognise the contributions of individuals, schools and corporates in making a big difference to the environment

  • Yogasutra

    NDTV Greenathon II

    Encourages every citizen to adopt simple yet compelling causes like - Say No to Plastic Bags; Save Water; Plant a Tree; Get Rid of Air Pollution; Save India's Coastal lines & Save the Rivers - enabling them to create a cleaner and greener tomorrow. A 24-hour non-stop live television program across the country that aims to improve the environment and garner public support.